BIOFACT homepage has been renewed now.

  • 2022.08.16
  • HIT959
BIOFACT homepage has been renewed now.

Through this recent update, following items have been added into the web site.

1) Lyophilized PCR Series (Standard PCR, RT, OneStep RT & OneStep qRT-PCR and the like)  

2) Fast qPCR & Fast qRT-PCR Series 

3) Bst DNA Polymerase 

4) Magnetic Bead Stand & pipettor 

5) Viral RNA/DNA Extraction kit [Magnetic Bead & Manual] 

6) Total RNA Extraction Kit [Magnetic Bead] 

7) Plasmid Extraction Kit [Magnetic Bead] 

8) PCR Purification & Gel Extraction Kit [Magnetic Bead] 

9) Pre-made Buffers 

10) Plasticwares & Lab Supplies  

Please click our new items and get more detailed information of them. 

If you need more information, please contact us via mail ( anytime.