The development of biotechnology is deeply related to the medical area of molecular diagnosis, prevention of aging, and life extension, and the environment area of future resources and environmental improvement.
BIOFACT Co., Ltd will provide various products and services by improving and newly creating the original biotechnology.

  • Vision

    The company that dreams of new technical innovation for the continuous growth of mankind

  • Mission

    We contribute to the development of the future bio industry by creating new biotechnologies.

  • Talent-centeredness

    We form the positive organizational culture by providing opportunities to employees equipped with basic character, so they can show self-development and competencies, and then drawing out their creativity and abilities.

  • Customer trust

    We do our best to assist our customers to make them achieve the top of each field by developing and providing the best products and services in the position of customers.

  • Shared Growth Management

    We coexist with others through the stably-established nationwide sales distribution network by discovering the best products from relevant businesses, take fairness and transparency as the corporate principles, and establish the corporate culture of fulfilling its own social responsibility.