CEO’s greetings

a company that grows together

BIOFACT Co., Ltd is a bio-company that not only manufactures/sells reagents for research purpose basically used in the biotech field related to genome analysis and molecular diagnosis, but also provides various products and connected services for the improvement of research results and convenience of experimenters.

Externally, BIOFACT Co., Ltd not only developed the best products and provided customized consulting services by assigning the professional manpower through the strategic concentration on the bio-related industry, but also increased the product quality and service competitiveness. Internally, it has achieved continuous success by pursuing customer satisfaction through the establishment of the internal system(marketing, sales, manufacturing, development, quality control). And in order to provide the optimum products in the rapidly-changing biotech industry, it is providing new products & services through the stably-built nationwide sales distribution network by discovering/developing various products from domestic/foreign manufacturers.

It is also contributing to the cultivation of future researchers by providing opportunities to directly experience experiments and specialized life science education to middle/high school students through various academic experiment programs performed by professional manpower.

BIOFACT will always make efforts to continuously provide the best products & services in the position of researchers, and to become a company helpful for customers’ experiments in many different fields.
Thank you.

CEO.  Mun Seong Eun